Enhance learning outcomes, foster learner engagement, and empower educators with our AI-powered interactive video platform.

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K-12 and Higher Education
K-12 & Higher Education

Interactive learning for all

Save time AND improve learning outcomes?!
Meet the future of learning!

Say hello to your new teaching assistant

Upload your existing educational videos and let the AI do the rest! Or take your recorded in-person or virtual lectures and upload to our system. Don’t worry, your data is ALWAYS kept private.

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Upload Your Content and let AI work
Enhanced Learning Experience

Enhanced, inclusive, AND accessible

Auto translations into 35+ languages and personalized learning journeys within your existing LMS = an inclusive and accessible classroom. Students at the University of Michigan that learned with interactive video performed 12.4% than those that didn’t.

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Elevate education with analytics

Our detailed analytics show (and tell) you where students are struggling with content or losing engagement. Edit on the fly without needing to republish.

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Interactive Video Analytics for Education
Continuing Education
Continuing Education

Knowledge is power. So is interactivity.

Use the power of interactivity and AI to help learners (and your content) reach new heights.
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Break down barriers

Cater to diverse learning needs with subtitles, translations, and other accessibility features. Our AI-powered system automatically transcribes the audio and translates into 35+ languages

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Auto Transcription
Interactive Video Chapters make it easy

Level up the learning experience

Video chapters make it easy for students to start learning. In-video quizzes, bookmarks, and other interactive elements help students keep learning. Gamification and badges motivate them to finish learning.

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Keep your content fresh

With visibility into student outcomes and engagement, you can easily identify where your content needs improvement. Edit on the fly. No need to republish!

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Interactive Video Engagement

Everything to make interactive videos

Interactive features that can be incorporated into your videos to boost viewer engagement, improve comprehension, and encourage specific actions.

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Interactive Learning, Tangible Outcomes!

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