Priceless insights into real-time user data

Save time and money by knowing where and how the viewers are interacting with your content.

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Empower your learners with Clixie AI

At Clixie AI, we believe learning should be fun and engaging. By adding interactivity to your content, learners stay engaged and provide valuable data on their learning experiences. Use thisdata to make data-driven decisions that will help you improve your content and save time and money.

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Corporate Training

Unlock the power learning by giving compelling content and instructional videos.

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Education and continuing education

Make an impact on your learners by delivering effective videos, walkthroughs, and more.

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Enhance learner engagement and retention

Ensure that your learners are not only watching your video content, but also understanding the concepts through in-video questions and accessing supplementary materials as needed.

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Conditional Branching

Create powerful branching experiences.

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Assurance of Learning

Make your viewer an active part of the content.

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Turn Viewers into Buyers with Interactive Video

Create personalized videos, interactive product tours and lead capture experiences that drive results.

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Personalize the experience

Transform your video content from passive viewing into interactive, engaging experiences.

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Action in the Video

Adding buttons or hotspots to your video makes sure your viewer can take the desired action at the right time.

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