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Interactivity offers endless possibilities for creativity and telling your story in a unique way. Explore the main features of Clixie’s interactive video platform. Customize when elements appear and the actions associated with each.



Buttons are interactive elements within a video that viewers can click on. They are used to trigger specific actions, such as pausing the video, opening a link, or navigating to a different part of the video.



Hotspots are call-to-actions within a video that are represented by an icon. Clicking them can perform any number of actions, such as adding an item to shopping cart, providing viewers with additional info, or opening a contact form. They can be static or follow objects in the video.

Clickable Areas

Clickable Areas

Clickable areas are invisible areas that when clicked can perform an action. Some common actions include jumping to a different chapter/time in the video and opening up additional info about an object in the video. The areas can be square, rectangle, circle, or other custom shape.



Upload your own image and overlay on the video to illustrate concepts, provide visual cues, or enhance storytelling. These images can be made interactive. For example, clicking the image can open up a website link.

Text Interactive Feature


Add emojis and custom text on top of the video. These can be used to comment on particular parts of the video. Clicking on them can perform any number of actions, such as opening up a discussion board or providing additional info.

Chapters Interactive Feature


Chapters break a video into segments, making it easier for viewers to navigate to specific sections. This feature is especially useful for long videos or educational content, allowing users to jump to relevant portions quickly.

Stories Interactive Feature


Stories are a collection of chapters. These chapters can come from one video or from several videos and they do not need to be in sequential order.  Mix and match video snippets from various sources into one story.

Gates Interactive Feature


Gates are locks that are placed on a chapter or part of a chapter until a particular action is completed by the viewer. For example, the next chapter could be set to unlock when the prior chapter has been fully watched, a contact form has been completed, or a certain quiz score has been achieved.

Quizzes Interactive Feature


Quizzes are assessments displayed in an interactive overlay on the video. They test viewers' understanding of the video's content and provide feedback or scores. Quizzes enhance engagement and offer a form of gamification. The quiz results can be sent to any LMS. They can be customized to appear when any number of events occur.

Forms Interactive Feature


Forms are interactive overlays that require the viewer to input info. They  are most frequently used to capture contact info from the viewer. They can be customized to appear when any number of events occur.

Files Interactive Feature


Upload a local file or enter the URL of an online file. Then, customize which events cause the file to appear. The file can be displayed in an overlay or automatically downloaded. Files include PDFs, images, documents, videos, and more.

Link Interactive Feature


Select a website URL and which events cause it to appear. The website link can show up on the side of the video or the website can automatically open in an overlay. They are often used to provide additional info about a topic. They can also link to a scheduling page like Calendy to enable viewers to schedule a meeting without leaving the video.

Transcriptions Interactive Feature


Transcriptions provide a written version of the video's audio content. They can be displayed alongside the video or accessed separately. Viewers can click a word in the transcript to quickly navigate to the time in the video the word is spoken.

Events Interactive Feature


Events are associated with an element or action. They define what causes an element to appear or an action to occur. These events include player events (e.g. play, pause), video events (video start, video end), click events (e.g. click of a hotspot), and time events (at a particular time in the video).

Actions Interactive Feature


Actions are associated with events. They occur when the associated event happen. Actions include change video time, change chapter, lock / unlock chapter, start email, start call, open element, start download of a document, and much more.


Adding interactivity has never been easier. Check out how our AI-powered engine does most of the work for you.

Auto Transcriptions Interactive Feature

Auto Transcription

Automatically transcribe the video's audio content and generate Closed Captions. No need to provide the transcript or Closed Caption file. Need to make edits? No problem! Edit the generated transcript and cascade the changes through the rest of the transcript.

Auto Chaptering Interactive Feature

Auto Chaptering

Let our engine analyze your video and separate it into logical chapters based off topic, generate a title for each, and summarize the content of each. Need to make some changes? Easily rename, reorder, delete, or add chapters using our drag and drop editor.

Auto Quizzes Interactive Feature

Auto Quizzes

Automatically generate quiz questions with correct and incorrect answers based off video content and linked info. Select the questions you want and edit as needed. You can also use our “one-punch” functionality to let the system automatically add one quiz question per auto generated chapter.

Auto Translations Interactive Feature

Auto Translations

After creating your interactive video, you can automatically translate all the text within your interactive video into 40+ different languages. This includes the video transcript, closed captions, quizzes, chapter titles, summaries, and interactive features.

Keywords Interactive Feature


Use our system to identify people, places, and other important phrases said within the video. This will help you identify times in the video that might need additional context or info.

Chapter Summaries Interactive Feature

Chapter Summaries

During the auto chaptering process, the system creates a summary of each chapter. These summaries are available  for the viewer to see within the player.

Smart Clixies Interactive Feature

Smart Clixies

When you provide a website link to additional info, the system will generate 5 different summaries of the info on that page with different tones and content for each. Choose your preferred summary or manually create one.


Explore the other capabilities of Clixie’s interactive video platform below.

Conditional Branching

Conditional Branching

Conditional branching refers to the  ability to direct viewers to different sections or content based on their interactions or responses. This feature is often used for interactive storytelling, decision-driven narratives, and personalized learning paths.

Simple Video Editing

Simple Video Editing

No need to use a video editing software to cut the unwanted portions from the video. Use our platform to select the parts of the video that you would like to use.

Video Hosting

Video Hosting / Streaming

Don’t have a CDN? No problem! Upload your video and we will handle all video hosting and streaming.

Analytics Interactive Feature


Our detailed analytics engine provides visibility into individual viewer and total team engagement and progress so you can be more informed than ever before. Identify areas where the video could be more engaging or clear.

No-Code Interactive Video Platform

No-Code Platform

Change video time, change chapter, lock / unlock chapter, start email, start call, open element, start download of a document, and much more.

API Access

API Access

Our API enables developers to integrate into our platform and build custom apps.

Embed Share

Embed / Share

Publish your video anywhere. Use the embed code to upload to your website, create a shareable link, or post to social media. You can even post the interactive video directly within your existing LMS. Badges offer a way to incentivize viewers to engage with the content. Use interactive elements to create in video games.

Gamefication Interactive Feature


Badges offer a way to incentivize viewers to engage with the content. Use interactive elements to create in-video games and contests.

Customizable Video Player

Customizable Video Player

Customize the video player however you like. Add or remove controls, change where the interactive elements appear, and more.

White Label Solution

White Label

Add your own branding to the video player with custom colors to match your brand.

Clixie Integration


Explore the embedded apps built into Zoom, Webex, Teams, and Canvas. Embed interactive videos into any LMS. Custom integrations are available upon request. Use videos from wherever you currently store video (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, AWS).

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