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How to create interactive videos for free. With Clixie, you can add chapters, links, quizzes, and branching to any video.

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How to connect your integrations to your CRM platform?

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Clixie AI Interactive Video
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How to Make an Interactive Video?

Transform your standard videos into captivating, interactive experiences effortlessly. Discover how interactive videos elevate engagement, enabling viewers to explore and interact with your content.

What is Interactive Video?

Interactive video allows users to engage directly with the content within the video itself. Unlike traditional linear videos, viewers can stop, pause, play, and more.

Imagine having clickable "chapter headings" that enable viewers to jump to preferred sections. Your sales team can enrich product demonstrations with in-video information, enhancing engagement and information delivery.

Advantages of Interactive Video:

  • Viewers actively engage with your content
  • Navigation to preferred video sections is made easy
  • Enhanced learning through interactive Q&A
  • Multiple call-to-action options
  • Viewing verification and interactive data collection
  • Easily create a custom experience

What Makes a Video Interactive?

Interactive videos empower viewers to direct their engagement. Multiple techniques, whether used individually or combined, allow viewers to shape the video's course, providing a dynamic experience beyond linear viewing.

Interactive Video Tools for Users:

Unlock the potential of interactive videos effortlessly with tools tailored for business users, like Clixie. This user-friendly solution seamlessly integrates interactive elements into videos, enabling the creation of quizzes, chapters, and navigation hotspots.

Types of Interactive Features:

  • Labels
  • Text
  • Links
  • Images
  • Various quiz formats
  • Branching options
  • Navigation hotspots and chapters
  • Multilingual transcription and closed captions
  • Simple video editing
  • Mobile device ready
  • Web pages embed in the video
  • Create video interaction using AI

Enhanced Data Collection

Interactive videos not only captivate visually but also yield valuable data insights. Real-time tracking of viewer behavior helps identify watched, skipped, or revisited video sections and engagement with interactive elements.

This data offers insights into viewer behavior, aiding in optimizing marketing strategies and targeting improvements.

Higher Conversion Rates

Interactive videos facilitate viewer actions—quizzes, product demos, and calls to action—that guide them toward specific interactions, boosting conversion rates significantly.

Implementation and Integration:

Integrating interactive video content into your CMS is simplified, requiring minimal setup by your web team. Clixie's 'content libraries' ease sharing, editing, and personalization, enabling video repurposing for targeted marketing.

Memorability Boost

Interactive video are 32% more memorable than traditional ones. The engagement levels—visual, auditory, and participatory—contribute to higher retention, enhancing brand recall and awareness.

Increased Social Sharing

Optimized for social media platforms, interactive videos encourage easy sharing across multiple channels. Features inherent in interactive videos prompt viewers to share, expanding reach and exposure.

In Conclusion:

Elevate your videos into captivating experiences with simple additions like clickable chapters. Engage even selective viewers by add interactive elements, broadening reach without altering your core message.

Interactive video solutions platforms are powerful tools enhancing engagement, increase viewing experience and lead generation. Create Interactive Videos with platforms like Clixie make this futuristic concept easily attainable.

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