Interactive Video Platforms 2023: Top 15 In-Depth Reviews

Interactive video has changed how we tell stories visually, by combining different video clips to create a personalized viewer experience.

Introduction: Understanding the World of Interactive Video

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Clixie AI Interactive Video
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Introduction: Understanding the World of Interactive Video

Interactive video has changed how we tell stories visually, by combining different video clips to create a personalized viewer experience. With applications from immersive films to informative demos, interactive video has been experiencing exponential growth throughout 2022 and 2023. In this article, we explore the best interactive video platforms and help you choose one for your next project.

Interactive Video and Education

You may already be familiar with Netflix's groundbreaking hit, "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch," which catapulted interactive storytelling into popular culture. However, Netflix has since expanded its interactive offerings, with over 20 interactive experiences on its platform. Besides streaming giants, the gaming industry has also adopted interactive films. The potential for 360 VR videos to become more interactive in the emerging metaverse is ready for exploration.

Educational videos now have interactive parts for online learning. Teachers and designers worldwide are finding innovative ways to use videos and other resources. These new methods aim to make lessons interesting and interactive. The primary goal is to engage students.

Brands are using interactive elements in videos to create shoppable experiences for e-commerce and pre-roll ads. Creative people from all over the world are constantly discovering innovative ways to connect videos and other content. They are able to create captivating stories that allow viewers to actively participate.

Interactive video holds significant importance in education as it transforms traditional passive engaging and interactive experiences for learning. Interactive videos engage students by letting them answer questions, make choices, and explore different paths, and different learning styles

They foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, enabling students to grasp complex concepts more effectively. Moreover, interactive videos provide instant feedback, helping learners identify and rectify misconceptions in real time.

In the digital learning age, interactive videos can help overcome short attention spans. These videos engage students and make education fun and memorable. They connect people and make learning accessible and flexible for everyone. Interactive video is essential for educators to improve engagement, comprehension, and the learning experience.

So, What's the Optimal Method for Creating Interactive Videos?

We have carefully studied and reviewed 15 platforms to find the answer for 2023. There are several options to consider, such as Clixie AI Stornaway, Mindstamp, Loom, and others. Each of these choices offers different features to meet various creative needs.

Comparison Criteria

We recognize that these platforms differ significantly in their offerings and focus. Therefore, instead of providing a numbered list, we will provide a detailed description for each platform.

  • Summary: A brief overview of the platform's focus, its creators, and the rationale behind its development.
  • Who It’s Best For: The main target audience or market segments that the platform serves.
  • Key Features: A concise description of the standout features.
  • Pricing: Details on available plans.

Defining Your Criteria

Your Focus: Are you looking to combine multiple video clips to create stories, experiences, journeys, or lessons? Or are you simply adding interactive buttons to single videos for viewers to make purchases?

User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX): Does the platform's user interface align with your creative instincts? Trust your intuition in this regard.

User-friendliness: Is the instrument straightforward to understand and operate? Does it align with your team's technical prowess, or does it lean towards being too complex or simplistic?

Features & Price: What key features are essential for your project? Do you require professional services to create the interactivity for you? Do you require all the fancy features, or can you manage with just what you need without overspending?

Publishing and Monetizing: Consider where you intend to publish your interactive videos and how you plan to monetize them. Most platforms facilitate publishing to the web and social media. Clixie AI, for instance, enables publication on various platforms, such as apps and gaming platforms, via its API. Define your delivery strategy and work backward from there.

Company Name Free Trial? Monthly Price Solutions Yes - 14 days Lite - $19
Pro - $99
Advanced - $299
Enterprise - Custom
1. Marketing
2. Education
3. Corporate Training
4. Sales
5. Lead Generation No - free plan with limited capabilities Not-for-profit - $29
Pro - $74
Premium - $295
Academic / Enterprise - Custom
1. Marketing
2. Education
3. Corporate Training
4. Entertainment
Cinema8 No Starter - $249
Growth - $449
Professional - $1,199
Enterprise - Custom
1. Marketing
2. Education
3. E-commerce
4. Entertainment
5. Sales
Loom No - free plan with limited capabilities Business - $15 / creator
Enterprise - Custom
1. Team Alignment
2. Sales Training
3. Sales Outreach
4. Marketing
5. Product Management
6. Customer Support
7. Education
ThingLink Yes - 5, 10, or 60 days depending on use case Depends on use case
Professional - $25
Premium - $125
Enterprise - Custom
1. Marketing & Communications
2. Education
3. Corporate Training
4. Museums & Libraries
PlayPosit No Classroom Pro - $25
Institutional License - Custom
Enterprise License - Custom
1. Corporate Training
2. Education
Idomoo No Not published 1. Corporate Training
2. Sales
3. Customer Service
4. Marketing (Engagement / Loyalty)
5. Year in Review
6. Bill Explainer
Mindstamp Yes - 7 days Basic - $99
Core - $299
Pro - $499
Enterprise - >$1,299
1. Marketing
2. Training
3. Sales
4. Education
Spott Yes - 14 days Essential - $249
Professional - $749
Enterprise - Custom
1. Marketing
2. Sales
3. Lead Generation
Hihaho No - free plan with limited capabilities $97 / video 1. Corporate Training
2. Education
3. Entertainment
4. Marketing
5. Recruitment No - free plan with limited capabilities Basic Lite - $200
Basic Plus - $400
Basic Pro - $700
Premium Lite - $1,000
Premium Plus - $1,200
Premium Pro - $1,600
Enterprise - Custom
1. Marketing
2. Sales
3. Lead Generation
Wyzowl No Not published 1. Video Creation
Near-Life Yes - 14 days Creator - $49.50
Creator+ - $145
Creator VR - $225
1. Education
2. HR Recruitment
3. Awareness Campaigns
4. Corporate Training
Adobe Captivate Yes - 30 days Individuals - $33.99
Teams and Enterprises - Custom
Education - Custom
1. Education
2. Corporate Training
H5P Yes - 30 days Open source and free 1. Education
2. Any interactive video needs

Clixie AI - Pioneering Interactive Video Powered by AI

  • Summary: Clixie AI leads the way in innovative interactive video solutions. This cutting-edge platform seamlessly integrates interactive elements into videos, transforming engagement. Larry and Tim Moore created Clixie AI in 2013 to make interactive video creation available to everyone.
  • Who It’s Best For: Clixie AI is an ideal platform that is great for educators, corporate training, marketers, and entrepreneurs. It improves staff training, enriches classroom instruction, and bolsters marketing initiatives with compelling content.
  • Key Features: Clixie AI has a simple interface for easily adding interactive elements to videos, creating engaging experiences, tutorials, and interesting stories. Instant playback is a hallmark feature, enabling previews before building your video content. Collaboration tools improve teamwork and allow easy sharing of creations on the internet, social media, and gaming platforms. The Clixie AI team is adding new AI features to make it easier to add interactivity to the platform.
  • Pricing: Clixie AI has different pricing options: Lite for $19/month, Pro for $99/month, and Advanced for $299/month. Tailored plans for academic institutions and large enterprises are also available, ensuring ease of access for all. You can use Clixie at no cost for a period of 14 days.
Clixie Interactive Video Platform interface
Clixie Media provides a fully integrated platform that allows Google educators and course designers (in any language) to easily add interactivity and other features.

Kickstart your interactive video journey with Clixie today, and experience firsthand why users rave about its 'amazingly simple and intuitive' interface. Begin your complimentary trial now and immerse yourself in the realm of interactive narratives!

  • tailors creative interactive storytelling involving video, 360-degree content, and slides. It is a no-code interactive video platform designed to simplify crafting video journeys and conducting testing. Established in 2020 by video technology pioneer and filmmaker Ru Howe, in partnership with writer, performer, and producer Kate Dimbleby.
  • Who It’s Best For: Ideal for entertainment, brands, and learning and perfect for storytellers, creatives, and teams who want to create their own interactive videos.
  • Key Features: The platform has a user-friendly interface for creating interactive videos, educational sessions, and narratives. It supports instant playback, even before you possess your video content. You can use cooperative features to share your creations on the internet, social media, YouTube, and gaming platforms through Unity.
  • Pricing: offers a free tier for creating, editing, and play testing projects. You can buy subscription plans at these rates: $29/month for Non-Profit, $74/month for Pro, and $295/month for Premium. There are also options for Academic and Enterprise plans.
Stornaway is an interactive video story maker designed for non-coders.



  • Summary: Cinema8 specializes in enhancing videos with interactivity, featuring on-screen calls to action. Founded by Alisan Erdemli of Gobito in 2018, with a partnership with Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul.
  • Who It’s Best For: Highly suitable for educational, cinematic, and e-commerce purposes.
  • Key Features: Cinema8 offers 360 video support, drag and drop tools, and an API for seamless integration.
  • Pricing: Pricing details are available upon request.
Cinema8 allows users to create highly engaging seminars, tutorials, and lessons - leveraging interactivity tools applied to an educational setting.

Explore Cinema8


  • Summary: Loom is a video messaging platform that enables users to easily create and share video messages, tutorials and presentations. It enables users to quickly record video content and share it through links or embed it in emails and documents.
  • Who It’s Best For: Ideal for team alignment, sales training, sales outreach, marketing, product management, customer support, and education.
  • Primary Attributes: Personalized video capture, screen capture, webcam capture, editing utilities, live annotations, automatic subtitles, audience insights, thumbnail images.
  • Pricing: Business - $15/ creator and Enterprise - Custom.
Loom Video Platform
Loom allows you to easily record your screen and camera on any device using Loom's Chrome extension, desktop or mobile app.

Explore Loom


  • Summary: Thinglink is a platform that enables users to create interactive images and videos. It allows individuals and businesses to enhance visual content by adding clickable hotspots to images or videos. Hotspots can contain links, multi-media, and additional information.
  • Who It’s Best For: Commonly used in marketing & communications, education, corporate training, and museums & libraries.
  • Key Features: This tool offers various features such as interactive hotspots, multi-media content, 360 Images, and virtual tours. It also allows personalized design, and provides analytics, and editing tools. Additionally, it supports embedding on websites and social media platforms. Moreover, it offers e-commerce integration for online businesses.
  • Pricing: Depends on use case: Professional - $25, Premium - $125, Enterprise - Custom.
ThingLink’s new virtual Guided Tours, AI-generated 360 imagery and an array of Biblical characters, all depicted using artificial intelligence creation tools.

Explore ThingLink


  • Summary: Playposit strives to make personalized content accessible, engaging learners, and empowering them to take control of their learning journey. Founded as eduCanon in 2012 by Benjamin Levy, a former teacher.
  • Who It’s Best For: Primarily geared towards schools and training institutions.
  • Key Features: Playposit helps teachers enhance videos with various interactive features like quizzes and exercises with blanks to fill in. The platform also offers branding options, student notes, and sidebars.
  • Pricing: The base plan starts at $25/month for Classroom Pro. Pricing for Institutional and Enterprise licenses is custom and available upon request.
Playposit Interactive Video
PlayPosit Interactive Video Platform

Explore Playposit


  • Summary: Idomoo generates custom videos by merging data and video, providing customers with distinctive experiences that yield measurable ROI. Yaron Kalish, Danny Kalish, and Assaf Fogel founded it in 2008.
  • Who It’s Best For: Ideally suited for marketing, sales, and enterprise applications.
  • Key Features: Idomoo's standout feature is the ability to create thousands of individualized, personalized videos automatically using their Living Video tool.
  • Pricing: Pricing information is available upon request.
Idomoo let customers choose the flow of the video, click to convert or even create their own video.

Explore Idomoo


  • Summary: Mindstamp presents interactive videos tailored to individual customer profiles. Founded in 2017 in Florida by Brett Lindenberg, an ex-Amazon and Grooveshark executive.
  • Who It’s Best For: Ideal for marketing, sales, and educational applications.
  • Key Features: Mindstamp allows users to utilize different question types and add interactive CTAs. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with popular marketing automation tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Slack.
  • Pricing: Mindstamp offers pricing plans starting at $99/month, with options to scale up to accommodate larger audiences. Pricing for self-hosting is available.
Mindstamp provide videos with buttons, hotspots, questions, lead capture, branching, logic, and more.

Explore Mindstamp

  • Summary: specializes in shoppable videos enriched with interactive clickable 'spotts.' This platform facilitates interactive content featuring images, catalogs, videos, and advertisements. Founded by Michel De Wachter and Jonas De Cooman in 2014 in Belgium.
  • Who It’s Best For: Ideal for e-commerce and product sales scenarios.
  • Key Features: has clickable dots called 'spotts' that highlight products and give viewers more information.
  • Pricing: Pricing depends on interactions, starting from 30 on Essentials plan and offering Enterprise plans upon request. The Essentials plan is $249/month, and Professional is $749/month.
Reduce the customer journey with direct links to your webshop and the option to add products directly in carts from within your content.



  • Summary: Hihaho provides the means to add interactivity to your videos, allowing viewers to jump to different chapter points. The name "Hihaho" embodies high interactivity, high attention value, and high outcome. The firm established itself in Holland in the year 2014.
  • Who It’s Best For: Well-suited for training, healthcare, and demonstration purposes.
  • Key Features: Hihaho offers a user-friendly interface for creating chapter jump points within videos.
  • Pricing: Pricing starts at $97/video, with custom pricing available upon request for larger projects.
epending on the choices they make in the video, they will determine the course of it. This allows for easy navigationto relevant content.

Explore Hihaho

  • Summary: covers a broad spectrum of interactive marketing content, including flipbooks, calculators, and games. Casper Kandelsdorff founded in Denmark in 2013.
  • Who It’s Best For: Ideally suited for brand communication and marketing projects.
  • Key Features: offers both simple and advanced options, enabling users to utilize premade templates for interactive content.
  • Pricing: They have various plans based on what you need. The Basic Lite plan costs $200 per month, while the Premium Pro plan costs $1,600 per month. Enterprise plans available upon request.'s content editor offers a variety of building blocks to help you realize your projects without writing a single line of code.



  • Summary: Wyzowl stands as a leading producer of explainer videos, offering full-service production of high-quality videos. In 2011, Matt Byrom established the firm in Southport, UK. He used to run 4040 Media, which focused on graphic design for print and web.
  • Who It’s Best For: Tailored for those seeking interactive explainer video content production.
  • Key Features: Wyzowl provides video production services for various goals like boosting sales, creating brand awareness, and educating viewers.
  • Pricing: Pricing information is available upon request.
Wyzowl: Not Just a Platform, but Masters of Explainer Video Craft.

Explore Wyzowl


  • Summary: Near-life delivers top-tier educational resources that boost memory retention and offer significant data analysis. The platform features a Learning Management System (LMS) for seamless tracking and validation of learners. Mike Todd started a company in Bolton, UK in 2020 to make Hostile Environment Training more interactive.
  • Who It’s Best For: Perfect for educational and training purposes.
  • Key Features: Near-life boasts an interactive 360 VR video creator and an integrated LMS.
  • Pricing: Near-life's pricing starts at $49.50/month for Creator with plans up to $225/month for Creator VR.
Near-Life offers an easy way to create interactive videos and branching scenarios with Near-Life CREATOR

Explore Near-life

Adobe Captivate

  • Summary: Adobe Captivate is Adobe's e-learning authoring tool, providing interactive video solutions. Although not part of the Creative Cloud suite, Captivate is a standalone application designed for creating interactive learning experiences. The tool originated from eHelp, developed by Macromedia over 20 years ago.
  • Who It’s Best For: Geared towards e-learning and training purposes.
  • Key Features: Captivate facilitates the production of independent interactive experiences with adaptable design and 360-degree video support through Adobe's desktop application.
  • Pricing: Adobe Captivate offers a desktop subscription app for individuals starting at $33.99/month. Teams, Enterprises, and Education require a custom plan. It's available as a separate subscription from Creative Cloud.
Adobe Captivate
Adobe Captive Editor: Choose from a set of triggers, add conditions, and select from a comprehensive list of actions to assign to the trigger.

Explore Adobe Captivate


  • Summary: H5P is a free tool that lets users make, share, and reuse interactive HTML5 content in their web browsers.
  • Who It’s Best For: Suited for any company with interactive video needs that have technical resources.
  • Key Features: H5P lets you make questions that adapt, sending wrong answers to review info, but not redirecting right answers.
  • Pricing: H5P is free to use, but connecting it with Learning Management Systems requires The cost varies from $57 to $6,195 per month, depending on the number of learners and reports needed. Custom Enterprise plans are also available.
H5P makes it easy to create, share and reuse HTML5 content and applications.


In Conclusion: Choose the Platform That Suits Your Needs

We hope this guide helped you understand and discover many interactive video tools that you can use. If you need shoppable videos, educational platforms, or data integrations, there are tools that can meet your needs.

Clixie AI serves as an innovative interactive video platform. Originally for creative filmmaking, now used for interactive videos in different industries. We encourage you to explore the possibilities Clixie AI offers with a 14-day free trial.

Clixie AI helps you create interactive videos and immersive experiences to bring your creative ideas to life. Choose interactive elements, connect with content, and create engaging solutions using decision-based logic, no coding expertise is needed.

Need to facilitate seamless data sharing and workflows across different departments? Clixie AI has you covered. Create shared workspaces, assign tasks, and encourage collaboration to promote teamwork across different departments in education, sales, HR, marketing, and more.

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